Mid-Point Reflection

Midpoint Reflection Questions:

  1. Describe yourself in terms of the three strands: Writer, Theory and Technology.


As a writer I am passionate. I love to write. It is one of my favorite things to do but yet I don’t spend much time doing it. During this course I have noticed that I am a procrastinator when it comes to my writing I often second guess myself once my fingers kit the keyboard. I don’t know if it is because before now most of my writing has been linked to social media outlets and I am very aware of what I say. I try to be honest but without being offensive. Truthful without ruffling too many feathers but then I think about my favorite writers and they are truthful, honest and their work often makes people uncomfortable. I am in search of my writing voice and I like what I am discovering.


When it comes to my education theory I believe that I am stuck in between being a progressivist and a cognitivism developmentalist. If my students are able to learn and recognize real problems and understand the connections between the academic disciplines to see the bigger picture of the education then I have done my job– well I might add. Making progressivist learners is my ultimate goal as an educator but, I have to also be mindful of the obstacles that stand in the way of my students’ learning.  I understand full well that because of their financial constraints, restrictions and limited cultural capital that it may be difficult for them to achieve this. And that is where my social constructivists views come into play. By trying to reach people in their community at large to come in and make real world connections to their learning can help them get the big picture. Not only does leaving the classroom on via field trips helps this happen but bringing the world to them via technology does this instantaneously. Which is why I try to use technology as much as I can in my classroom. My students are familiar with it. They understand it, they trust it and that will allow me to reach and teach them.


  1.      Although all three strands will be explored, which strand will you focus on?


Of the three strands I think I am going to focus on my writing. I believe that it is through my writing will I be able to better teach my students how to write. Now I understand their struggles, their frustrations and reservations about writing for me. I am six years out of undergrad and the only time I have written since college is when I wanted to. And it was for  a specific audience. But it was never under a true time constraint and there was no pressure. This opportunity is giving me the chance to see the world through the eyes of my students. I am learning how to adjust my expectations and/or step up the rigor in some instances.


  1.      How are you documenting your growth?


I started a blog. I’ve always wanted to start one. But I never did until now. I kicked off my blog with an entry about being a grad school mom. Then I talked about summer break and what that means to me as a teacher. And my last entry was about the tragic events that have transpired in regards to police brutality. And with each I am seeing my growth as a writer. I am finding my voice, paying attention to details the flow of the article. My thoughts are being shaped by the readings and I am seeing this manifest itself in my writing.


  1.      What are your developing goals as the ISI progresses?


My goals are to stay focused. In this process I am overwhelmed with ideas and things that I want to write about. It is very easy for me to get lost in each one of those. The readings are sparking questions and igniting ideas that I hope to take back into my classroom. So my goal is to stick with one thing. See it through and then go on to the next idea and allow that to flourish. I am learning that it is good to collect ideas and strategies for my teacher arsenal but I need to be mindful that I can’t use everything at the same time.


  1.      What help/guidance do you need from me as your facilitator?


This is a tough question. I think because you have been doing this for so long you have answers for my questions before I even ask them. Talk about anticipating student misconceptions! This point though I will need for you to be available to be a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and offer feedback. Also, I will need for you to continue to be easily accessible and willing to help us if and when we get stuck.


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